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Frequently asked questions

What is the Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU) and who is it for?
The CCDU aims to facilitate the career development and general well-being of students. This unit is the first line of support if you require assistance in making career decisions, developing job search skills, acquiring information on study opportunities or require personal counselling.

Types of Career Development Services offered by CCDU:

  • Career Counselling
  • Psychometric Career Development Assessments
  • Skills development presentations/ workshops
  • Employment Services: Graduate Recruitment Programme (GRP) and University Student Employment (USE)

What is Career Counselling? 
Career Counselling takes place in a one-on-one counselling session with a professional.  The aim of the session is to assist clients with concerns in respect of subject choice, career decision making, study options and career path.

A career counselling session with a professional to assist with your concerns surrounding subject choices for your degree, career decision making, study options and your career path. You are also able to be assisted your CV development and mock interviews.  

When does the Career Counselling session take place?
Career counselling is offered daily by appointment and is approximately 40 minutes long.

How do I book for Career Counselling?
To book, contact CCDU on (011) 717-9140/32 to make an appointment. Please note there is no charge for these sessions.

What is a Psychometric Career Development Assessment?
This programme uses both computerised and written psychometric assessment tools to evaluate your learning potential, interests, personality and values. This is a holistic programme that also includes consideration of biographical and emotional information in order to facilitate comprehensive and effective career planning. Your results, career plans and concerns will be discussed in an individual counselling feedback session with a professional. The test is approximately 3 hours long. This is followed by a feedback session that is an hour and a half, 5 working days after the assessment has been completed.

When does the Psychometric Career Development Assessment take place?
Assessments are run on most Monday and Friday mornings and selected Wednesday mornings. This assessment is charged at a reduced fee for WITS students and staff.  

How do I book for the assessment?
To book, contact CCDU on (011) 717-9140/32. Please note that the booking fee has to be paid in full before a booking can be made ONLY after consultation with reception. Once payment has been made your booking will be confirmed via a confirmation slip that will be sent to you. An administrative fee will be levied should you cancel or miss your appointment.

If you are unable to pay the stipulated fee you can request an application form for a sponsored assessment. Only a limited number of sponsored assessments are available each year. These will only be granted in cases of genuine need.

What workshops are being offered and where can I book?
CCDU offers an array of workshops ranging from study skills and time management to coping with exam stress. We also offer workshops for our final year and post graduate students that form part of the Graduate Recruitment Programme (GRP). These workshops include topics on job search skills, personal development and world of work awareness.

To book for workshops come to CCDU and fill in the appropriate workshop/presentation register/s at reception.

What is Employment Services?
The aim of this programme is to provide exposure to potential employers and skills development for the world of work.

The University Student Employment (USE) Office
The USE office aims to facilitate access to part-time jobs, full time jobs and internship opportunities for Wits Students. Students are required to register for USE at CCDU. Once registered you will receive updates on the opportunities available. Kindly note that this is not a recruitment service, available positions are only advertised.

The Graduate Recruitment Programme (GRP)
The GRP is offered to final year and post graduate students and is aimed at assisting students to secure employment and to broaden their understanding of the job search process. The programme offers you the opportunity to interact with representatives from a range of top companies and to enhance your job search skills and understanding of the world of work.

How do I apply for a degree/course?
Applications for study at Wits take place through the Student Enrolment Centre (SENC), tel. (011) 717-1030.   SENC distributes the Wits application booklet , which contains information on admission requirements and study programmes as well as application forms for accommodation and financial aid.  Applications can also be done online on

How do I Deregister OR Change a degree/course?
All deregistration or change of any degree, unit or subject is processed solely by your respective faculty. Applications for deregistration can be found at your faculty. Further information regarding your programme and curriculum can be found in your respective faculty rules and syllabuses booklet.  

Where do I attain information regarding my credits?
All information regarding your credits you need to attain or have attained during the course of your degree is available at your respective faculty. 

Where do I receive information regarding the carryover of my credits attained from previous year of study or from another institution and if the credits will be contribute to my new degree/course?
A transcript with your academic history from your previous year of study or institution must accompany your application form for your new degree. All queries related to the carryover of credits from another institution must be directed to you faculty.