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Resources to assist when help is needed.

  • Reach Out - a guide to assist when we're not coping, struggling emotionally or feeling suicidal 
  • Let's talk about suicide - a brief guide to understanding suicide and sourcing help. 
  • Depression - a brief guide to understanding and managing depression.
  • Unplanned Pregnancy- a guide to dealing with unplanned pregnancy and an overview of termination of pregnancy and abortion.
  • Academic Stress- a guide to understaning and managing academic stress.
  • Dealing with anxiety - An overview of anxiety, how it impacts on our lives and how to manage it.
  • Conflict Management - a brief overview of the positive and negative aspects of conflict and some techniques to aid in the management of conflict in our lives.
  • Relationship Distress - this leaflet aims to deepen understanding of the causes of distress in a relationship and outlines some techniques that can be used to overcome distress in a relationship.