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What to do in a medical emergency?


Tel: (011) 717-9111/ 13

Please answer all questions asked.
Do not put the phone down until told to do so.
Give a contact phone number - someone must be available to answer that phone until the doctor arrives.
Follow the instructions given until the doctor arrives.

DO NOT phone for an ambulance unless advised by the doctor to do so.


If you are a student and become ill on campus after hours, you have 3 options:

  • Report to Residence Hall Co-ordinator; or
  • If you are on a medical aid make use of a private local 24 hour casualty service (eg Milpark Hospital); or
  • If you are not on a medical aid you will need to go to a public hospital (eg Johannesburg Hospital)

In an emergency, after hours, contact Campus Control (011) 717-4444 for assistance with transport.

PLEASE NOTE : You will be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by you at private or public hospitals or for ambulance expenses.


  • Get help quickly.
  • Do not move the patient.
  • Do not crowd the patient - allow air to circulate.
  • Make sure the person is breathing! Call out his or her name ... Hello!
  • Check for a pulse.
  • Protect yourself (look for hazards eg exposed wiring)
  • If external bleeding, apply pressure (wear gloves).
  • If the person is having a fit/seizure, turn the person on his/her side, protect from injury and let the fit proceed. Do not restrain or stick things in the mouth.
  • Don?t give anything by mouth to someone who is unconscious or who may need an operation.
  • Cool burns in cold water, and cover with a clean cloth. Forget about the colourful lotions like mercurochrome and gentian violet! 

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