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Services to both staff and students

  • Curative and health promotion services.
  • Minor surgical procedures.
  • Counselling and facilitating referrals to CCDUfor ongoing counselling and therapy.
  • Immediate professional attention for all medical emergencies on campus.
  • A sick bay for persons who are too ill to wait in the waiting room, or who require observation.
  • A daily laboratory service (blood and other specimens may be taken at the time of consultation by a nurse or a doctor).
  • Free voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing.
  • Immunizations.
  • An affordable range of rapid tests - pregnancy, HIV, blood sugar tests, etc.
  • Assessments for deferment of examination, extra time for tests and examinations.
  • Dispensing of medication prescribed by Campus Health Care Professionals. No sale of over-the counter medication.