Bold new residence complex for Wits

The heritage of old Johannesburg and the modernity of contemporary Jozi intercept at the Wits Junction, a new resident complex in Parktown. It increases the University’s residence capacity by 20% and aims to set a new standard in student accommodation.

The increase in the number of matriculants with university exemption in 2010 saw South African higher education institutions inundated with undergraduates seeking both a degree and residential accommodation.

The Wits Junction development, an expansion and upgrade of the existing Parktown Students’ Village, opened on 2 July 2010 to all students, including Johannesburg residents.

Wits Capital Projects director, Spencer Hodgson, said that the Wits Junction had been identified as necessary as student numbers were set to reach 30 000 by 2012.

“A new standard in student accommodation”

The residence will house 1 209 students in 14 three- and four-storey buildings within a secure, gated community, available for annual rentals from R36 500 to R45 625. The Wits Junction is adjacent to the Wits Education Campus, within walking distance to the Medical School and Business School and on bus routes to the main campus in Braamfontein.

“The development aims to set a new standard in student accommodation by creating a diversity of self-catering residential choices set in a distinct urban university environment,” explains the Head of Residence Life at Wits, Rob Sharman.

Diverse residential choices include fully furnished and serviced self-catering bachelor flats, and one- to four-bedroom flats. Each room is equipped with a telephone, Internet connection and heater. The communal Junction Hub with coffee bar, mini gym, TV, games rooms, study and meeting rooms, creates a student village atmosphere.

What’s in a name?

According to the naming proposal, “Wits Junction speaks to how students’ lives will intersect at the centre [and] encompasses the themes [of] the origin of man and the origin of Johannesburg.

Wits Junction speaks to the University’s brand, the role it has played in bringing people together from all over the world and the link Wits provides through its faculties to discovering and better understanding the past, the present and the future”.