Stefan Grab

Position: Professor in Physical Geography
Discipline: Geography
Phone: 27 11 717 6512
Room:BPB 117

Qualifications: PhD: Physical Geography  /  Higher Diploma in Education (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Post-doctoral assistant:
Dr Dominic Stratford

Recently completed degrees (2013)

Devlyn Hardwick (PhD – Mass movement classification for the Drakensberg)

Wanjiku Kiambo (PhD – Tourism in SA)

Tina Fatti (MSc – Flooding in Johannesburg)

Tizian Zumthurm (MSc [Uni Basel] – 19th C climate change in Namibia)


Current Students

Miopone Letsie (PhD - Place vulnerability in Lesotho)

Kirsten Robinson (PhD – Tussock grasses and burning in Lesotho)

Sandro Craparo (PhD – Coffee production and climate change in East Africa)

Noah Pauline (PhD – Small holder farming adaptation to climate change in Tanzania)

Tabby Resane (PhD – Air quality and energy saving strategies in South Africa)

Telesia Njagi (PhD – Climate change (1800-2012) in Kenya)

Moipone Letsie (PhD – Place vulnerability in Lesotho)

Nothabo Ndebele (PhD - Rainfall patterns/changes in Cape Town: 1830 – 2012)

Isaac Ngwana (PhD – climate forecasting)

Maluta Mbedzi (PhD – Air quality in Limpopo Provence)

Njongenhle Nyoni (PhD – Vulnerability of subsistence poultry farming to climate change)

Rakhee Lakhraj-Govender (PhD – Hydrosystems and climate change in South Africa)

Pumeza Cingo (MSc – Alpine plants and climate change in Lesotho)

Hugo De Lemos (MSc – mapping rockfall deposits in the Golden Gate Highlands N. Park)

Jennifer Fitchett (MSc – climate change and citrus fruit flowering phenology in Iran)

Phillipa Du Toit (MSc – water quality assessments of Lesotho Rivers)

Ravanya Naidoo (MSc - 17-18th C climate change - SW Cape, based on doc. records)

Nicola Webb (MSc - 19th C climate change – Karoo, Based on doc. records)

Amy Trent (MSc – using webcam data to ascertain wildlife drinking requirements)

Hein Portwig (MSc – climate change)

Research thrusts

·       Historical (last few 100 years) climate and environmental change reconstructions using various proxy approaches.

·       Quantification of recent (last century) climate change using instrumental records.

·       Quaternary climate/environmental reconstructions using geomorphological and sedimentary records.

·       Process geomorphology and long-term monitoring: rock weathering, periglacial processes.

·       Mountain environments.

·       Mountain climates (monitoring)

·       Geomorphology and GIS (Remote sensing and aerial photography: fluvial change analysis, slope geomorphology, soil erosion).

·       Sedimentology and geomorphology within archaeological contexts.

·       Plant phenology and climate change.                                                  

·       Alpine ecology and global change                         

·       Historical and contemporary wildlife status reports and monitoring using webcams


Collaborations with

University of Madrid, Spain

Queens University, UK

Oxford University, UK

Brighton University, UK

University of Basel, Switzerland

Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Switzerland

University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

South African Environmental Observation Network

South African National Parks

KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife

Lesotho Meteorological Services

Letseng Diamond Mine, Lesotho        

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