Professor Jasper Knight

Position: Professor of Physical Geography

Qualification: BSc Hons, DPhil, FHEA, FGS, FRGS

Department: Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies

Phone: +27 11 717 6508


Room: BP 118

Research Interests

I am a geoscientist with research interests in the spatial and temporal variability in morphosedimentary system responses to rapid hemispheric-scale climatic and environmental changes during the late Pleistocene and Holocene. I focus thematically on glaciers, coasts and mountains and their responses to past, present and future climate change. I focus geographically on the UK and Ireland, northwest USA, Australia, European Alps, New Zealand, Spain and now in southern Africa too. I supervise a number of graduate students on a range of pure and applied topics.

Teaching Interests

I teach the following courses at Wits:

Block 1 of GEOG1000 (Landscapes of Southern Africa)

GEOG2011: Introduction to Climate Change and Society

GEOG4022: Geohazards and Risk



Key Books:

Masselink, G., Hughes, M.G. and Knight, J. 2011. Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology (2nd edition). Hodder, London, ISBN 978-1-44412-240-4.

Grab, S.W. and Knight, J. (eds) 2015. Landscapes and Landforms of Southern Africa. Springer, Berlin (forthcoming).

Knight, J. and Grab, S.W. (eds) 2015. Quaternary environmental change in southern Africa: physical and human dimensions. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).


Recent Journal Articles:

Knight, J. and Grab, S.W. 2014. Lightening strikes as a geomorphic agent on mountain summits: an example from southern Africa. Geomorphology, 204, 61-70. 

Knight, J. and Birningham, H. 2014. A paraglacial coastal gravel structure: Connell's Bank, NW Ireland. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, 70, 121-126.

Knight, J. and Harrison, S. 2014. Mountain glacial and paraglacial environments under global climate change: lessons from the past and future directions. Geografiska Annaler, in press.

Knight, J. 2014. Subglacial hydrology and drumlin sediments in Connemara, western Island. Geografiska Annaler, in press. 

Knight, J. and Harrison, S. 2014. Limitations of uniformitarianism in the Anthropocene. Anthropocene, in press. 

Harrison, S., Rowan, A.V., Glasser, N.F., Knight, J., Plummer, M.A. and Mills, S.C. 2014. Little Ice Age glaciers in Britain: glacier-climate modelling in the Cairngorm Mountains. The Holocene, 24 (2), 135-140.

Knight, J. and Harrison, S. 2013. The impacts of climate change on terrestrial Earth surface systems. Nature Climate Change, 3 (1), 24-29.

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