Applied Entomology

We use insects for biological control of alien weeds and dung. Biocontrol research includes post-release evaluation of agents; modelling of agents and weed population; phylogeography of weeds and hyperspectral imagery for assessment of agent impacts. Using dung beetles we explore the biology of these insects as model animals which can be used to test ideas in orientation, sexual selection and growth.

Lab Members

Lab Coordinator

  • Prof Marcus Byrne

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Dr Lucy Gitonga
  • Dr Danica Marlin
  • Dr Solomon Newete
  • Dr Christopher Woolley

PhD Students

  • Mr Naweji Katembo
  • Mr Archbold Sasa
  • Mr Guelor Mayonde

MSc Students

  • Ms Kendall Hauptfleisch
  • Mr Macphee Madzivhe
  • Ms Sumeshni Pillay
  • Mr Etienne Smit
  • Mr Giuseppe Venturi

Honours Students

  • Mr Blair Cowie
  • Mr Tristan Abels