Returning Students Registration

We hope that 2015 was an academically stimulating year for you at Wits and we look forward to your return in 2016. 

Registration details:

In 2015, all returning students will be required to register at the Single-Point Services Centre (SPSC). The SPSC venue will be Hall 29. The SPSC will house representatives from your home faculty, the Fees Office, ICAM, the Parking Office, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, Wits International Office (WIO), Careers and Counselling Development Course (CCDU) and the Office of Residence Life, all of whom will be available to assist you with your registration. Please bring along a pen, your student card and your identity document for registration.

The dates and times for registration at the SPSC are set out in the table below:




20 January 2016

08:00 – 10:30

Third year students


10:30 - 13:30

Second year students


13:30 – 15:00

First year students repeating

A student who does not register on the date(s) listed above may incur a late registration fee.    Returning residence students will be required to register at Hall 29 on __ February 2016. Students with a 'PCD' outcome at the end of 2015 may register online.

The compulsory upfront tuition fee payment (first payment for local students towards tuition fee) for 2015 is R9 340.

For further information please go to or

Students who wish to make payment prior to the date of registration may do so by using the following banking details: Standard Bank, Braamfontein; Branch Code: 004805; Account No: 002891697; Type of Account: Current; IBT No: 131B, Name: University of the Witwatersrand. You MUST use your name and student number as a reference. For your convenience, an M65 deposit slip is enclosed. (For International Students making payments outside of South Africa, the Swift Code is SBZAZAJJ.) Please retain proof of payment, e.g. the original copy of your deposit slip, and present it at the satellite Fees and Cashiers’ Office in room CB253, opposite the entrance to the Examinations Hall, on the date of your registration.

You may pay in advance by credit card. This may be done by telephone on (011) 717 1544/43/42, by faxing the credit card details with a copy of your identity document to (011) 717 4903, or you may call in person at the Cashiers’ Office, Ground Floor, Senate House. Once again, please retain your proof of payment.

Students who wish to make payment on the date of registration, may do so at the satellite Fees and Cashiers’ Office. You will be able to make cheque (bank guaranteed cheques only) and credit card payments of the upfront tuition fee and then obtain a fees clearance certificateCash payments will have to be made in the normal manner at the Cashiers’ Office, Ground Floor, Senate House. All assistance related to fees queries will be provided at the Fees Office.

Students who are recipients of bursaries, scholarships, merit awards, or NSFAS beneficiaries must produce proof of the same at the satellite Financial Aid and Scholarships Office who will authorize them to obtain a fees clearance certificate at the satellite Fees Office. Donors who wish to make an upfront payment may do so by using the following banking details: First National Bank, Branch Code: 255005, Corporate Account Services, Account Number: 62009421570, Donor reference number.  Proof of payment should be faxed to (011) 717 1079.

International students also need to obtain an international clearance certificate from WIO before they can register. To obtain an international clearance certificate from the WIO you must present an original passport containing a valid study permit (which reflects that you will be studying at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg), proof of one year’s membership with a South African based  medical aid, a completed fees quotation form and an international fees clearance certificate from the Fees Office (which is proof that you have paid your year’s tuition, international registration fee and residence  fee, if applicable). If you are sponsored or on a bursary you must produce a letter confirming the same which must be vetted by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office before you proceed to the Fees Office.

When you have obtained your fees clearance certificate, proceed into the Examinations Hall (international students will require an international clearance certificate as well). Collect your registration form and registration pack at the Faculty table. Consult with the Teaching and Learning Advisors or School representatives for guidance and advice on your curriculum, even if you have a pre-determined curriculum for professional degrees. Complete your curriculum planning sheet, and get it signed by the School representative. Submit your registration form, with changes or additions, at the Faculty table and have your student card and parking permit renewed in the Examinations Hall.

Students who have lost or damaged cards (damaged does not include “fair wear and tear”) and who have an acceptable form of photographic identification with them can fill out the necessary documentation at registration, pay the appropriate amount (R130.00) at the Cashiers’ Office in Senate House Concourse, and present the receipt together with a registration card to the ICAM Card Centre in Senate House Concourse, where they will be issued with a new card. Replacement card holders are available from the ICAM Card Centre at an additional cost of the R5.00 each, to be paid for at the Cashiers’ Office.

Once you have successfully completed all the requirements listed above, you will be registered and can commence classes on 16 February 2015. Please note that it is a disciplinary offence to attend classes for which you have not registered.

Cancellation of a student’s registration for an individual course or for a year of study must be in writing. A student who discontinues attendance at a course or at the University without completing a cancellation form will remain liable for the payment of fees due for the entire course or year of study. Cancellation forms are available from the Faculty Offices.

You are also reminded to check the courses that you are registered for before the end of the first two weeks of the first teaching block to avoid penalties outlined above. Moreover, students on financial aid should note that any courses added after 31 March are for their own costs. If you need more information about registration for returning students in 2014, please contact the Faculty Office, by email or call 011 717 6014 between 08:00 and 16:30

All final year students are invited to register, at no cost, with the Graduate Recruitment Programme (GRP) offered by CCDU. Representatives from the CCDU will be available to assist with further information and registration for the GRP.