Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Transcripts

  • What is an Academic Transcript?
    An official copy of the results 

  • Do I pay for this?
    Yes, each original transcript cost R50.00 and the cost increases yearly

  • How do I get an Academic transcript?
    Academic records must be ordered from the Faculty in which you are currently or were last registered.  Pay R100 at the Cashier’s Office in Senate House, Ground Floor into the following:

    001.408.4211101.8115201 OR First National Bank - University of the Witwatersrand,  Account: 513 600 56 499, Branch: Braamfontein, Branch No: 251905, Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ950, Reference: TranscriptSc

    Bring the receipt to the Faculty Office in Gate House, First Floor with the Academic Record request form.

    It normally takes up to one week from the date on which you ordered the academic record to produce it.

How do I inform the Faculty if my personal details have changed?

  • Address and telephone changes: Complete a change of address form obtainable from the Faculty Office – Reception

  • Name, surname and birth date changes: Bring an ID copy in order for the Faculty Officer to do the necessary amendments

What to do if I have lost my student card?

  • Complete a declaration of lost student card form obtainable from the Faculty Office – Reception, and the Faculty Officer will give you a yellow card.  Pay for the lost card at the Cashiers Office.  Take the yellowcard, your I.D or drivers licence and the payment receipt to the ICAM office (Senate House)

How do I cancel my registration?

  • Complete a cancellation of registration form, obtainable from the Faculty Office – Reception

  • Get the form signed by the relevant schools and the library

  • Hand in the completed form together with the student card to an Undergraduate Faculty Officer

Fees Associated with the cancellation of Registration?

  • If cancellation of registration takes place within the first two weeks of the first quarter (deadline of 23 February 2014), no tuition fee is payable.

  • If cancellation takes place between 23 February and 31 March 2014, the student is liable for payment of 25% of the tuition fee.

  • If cancellation of registration takes place from 1 April 2014 to the end of the first two weeks of the third quarter (deadline 2 August 2014), the student is liable for 50% of the tuition fee.

  • If cancellation of registration takes place after 2 August 2014, the student is liable for 100% of the tuition fee.

Where do I get a copy of my timetable?

  • When you register a copy of your personal timetable will be emailed to your WITS student email address.

How do I know what units I am enrolled for?

  • A student will receive an email confirming details of registration i.e. units enrolled for and personal details a week after registration, therefore students have to make ensure they regularly check their emails.

How do I amend the units I am enrolled for?

  • It is recommended that students attend classes for one week before making any changes to their enrolment 

  • Students have to complete an amendment to enrolment form obtainable from the Faculty Office – Reception, take the form to the relevant schools for approval and return the form to the Faculty Office.

How do I know what my fees are?

  • Fees Office send monthly statements to students

  • Alternatively, students can request a copy of fees statement from the Fees Office/ Cashier’s Office showing the cost of all courses registered for, residence costs, clubs & society’s costs etc a week or two weeks after registration. 

  • A Fee statement can also be E-mailed to your Student E-mail address. 

  • If your fee account has a debit balance of R200.00 or more you WILL NOT receive your results. 

Where do bursary students get loan books?

  • All schools in the Faculty of Science have books to allocate to bursary students.  These books are not available from any of the libraries.

Why are my results withheld?

  • If a student owes R200.00 or more his/her results may not be published or disclosed.