Research Reports

Given the breadth and depth of research at Wits, no single publication can hope to cover all that happens with the institution, but we do profiles some specific success stories in our annual Research Reports. Listed below are several Research Reports that are indicative of the sort of research conducted at Wits.

Research report 2013

Research Report 2013

To build a world class university that can be at the cutting edge and serve as an interlocutor to the global academic debates requires the pragmatic implementation of a simple formula: the appointment of good academics.

Research report 2012

Research Report 2012

Built on a strong foundation of excellent research, we have seen an immense convergence of disciplines, schools, faculties, institutions and research communities – local and global working together to solve complex problems facing our society.

Research report 2011

Research Report 2011

One of the landmark events in our country in 2011 was the COP17 Climate Change Conference held in Durban, in which Wits scientists were involved. This has inspired us to adopt a broadly green theme for the 2011 Report


Research Report 2010

The 2010/11 Research Report is produced retrospectively and it has been compiled to make visible some of the world-class research conducted at Wits, and to provide an indication of the University’s diverse research agenda.


Research Report 2009

Wits' research reports present a range of textual and visual information, which we hope will make for a publication which is more accessible to both academic and other readers.


Research Report 2008

Wits University had 16 National Research Foundation A-rated scientists at the end of 2008. They are from left to right: Profs. Norman Owen-Smith, Duncan Mitchell, Darrell Comins, Yevhen Zelenyuk, Arthur Every, John Pettifor, Beric Skews, Isabel Hofmeyr, David Glasser, Diane Hildebrandt and David Lewis-Williams. Not pictured are Profs. Belinda Bozolli, Jill Adler, Thaddeus Metz, John Maina and Claire Penn.