2008 (Full Text)
Digital Arts lecturer presents new Games Programme on Channel Go!
Pippa Tshabalala, lecturer in Animation and Video Game Studies in Digital Arts, is presenting an exciting new programme on DSTV Channel Go! PlayR, as it is called, is a weekly magazine programme that reviews new video game releases and previews upcoming games on different platforms ranging from PCs to the XBox and Playstation 3.

International students work together at WSOA Film & TV
For the past four years The North South Exchange Programme has broght together film students from Wits, AFDA and ARCADA in Finland. The North South programme has been designed to allow students to not only practice the filmmaking craft in unfamiliar circumstances but also to critically engage with documentary filmmaking across different cultures. This year four students from Finland and six South Africans, three Witsies and three students from AFDA, met for the very first time at Wits at the beginning of February for nine weeks of intensive training and filmmaking.

WSOA Drama joins the battle against AIDS in Africa
Drama For Life is a groundbreaking programme, conceived by WSOA and Agency for German Development Cooperation.
?DFL is about healing processes, not about a one off performance, about drama as a healing force, beyond info-tainment or didactic theatre!?
- Warren Nebe, Programme Director.

New Photography lecturer explores portrait photographer from a fresh perspective
Monique Pelser is a newly appointed photography lecturer in WSOA Fine Arts.
Working across a range of lens-based media, including photography, video and stop-frame animation, she was a finalist on the 2004 Brett Kebble Art Awards and has participated on select group shows in Johannesburg (at Gordart Gallery) and Grahamstown.

A new live venue for Music students
The Shakespeare Room was recently renovated to create an intimate live performance space for Wits music students. It?s in this venue that Wits music students learn the practices of professional stage performance. With low ceilings, tightly packed seating (for about 80), and enclosed in black drapes and dark blinds, the venue has the atmosphere of a downtown jazz club. The small stage is ideal for solo and small ensemble performances and will feature a full programme till the end of May. Senior students control proceedings from a mixing desk. Read more for the performance programme.