Sociology is the study of society in all its complexity, from both an empirical and a theoretical perspective. The Department of Sociology at Wits has an outstanding staff with an extremely wide range of teaching and research interests, and a deep commitment to teaching and to involving students in its work.

The Department of Sociology has a rich series of offerings both for students majoring in the subject and for those who wish to gain some idea of its scope, or to explore a particular area.

For students intending to major, we have a programme which contains both prescribed modules and options; we are also able to offer the opportunity to take modules in addition to those prescribed. Students eligible for second and/or third level courses may take more than the minimum Sociology modules at any particular time.Sociology and Industrial Sociology prepare students for careers in a variety of areas. These include:

  • Policy and Planning in the public and private sectors
  • Development and Aid work particularly in the NGO community
  • Survey and other forms of social research
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resources
  • Academic Teaching and Research
  • Journalism and many others.
  • Social Research in Health and HIV/AIDS

For students interested in single modules, we offer topics in such diverse areas as the Sociology of Law, of Health, of Work, of Peace, of Crime, of Culture, HIV/AIDS in Context and others. Many of these may offer students majoring in other subjects a particular insight into their chosen field.

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