Proposal Submission

Administrative procedures for research proposals

  1. When submitting your proposal, please complete the Proposal Submission Form and the Statement of Principles form.
  2. Two copies of your proposal are to be attached to the form for the Masters Degree and three copies of your proposal for the PHD degree and then handed in to the Faculty Postgraduate office.

If changes or a response to queries raised in your proposal are asked for, please submit your revised proposal/response to the Faculty Postgraduate Office.

Supervision Guidelines on Supervision of Research Reports, Dissertations and Theses

These guidelines are intended to assist students and their supervisors in defining their respective roles, but some disciplines or schools have their own supervisory contracts or memoranda of agreement with students, and supervisors are expected to discuss and sign.

The pursuit of research for a higher programme takes place under the direction of a supervisor (or a committee of supervisors with a designated chairperson), appointed by the University. As different research projects may need different approaches, these guidelines suggest rather than prescribe practice. Students and supervisors should also consult the most recent edition of the Humanities Rules and Syllabuses booklet. Senate has further approved Standing Orders for the implementation out of the University s rules for higher programmes; these provide guidelines on such matters as admission of candidates for higher programmes, examination procedures and the appointment of supervisors. Students and supervisors are welcome to consult the Standing Orders in the Faculty Office.

A student enrolled for an MA by dissertation or a PhD must give the supervisor a written progress report annually.