What undergraduate and postgraduate students need to know for Humanities!

Why should I choose to study at Wits?

Please take a look at the Facts about Wits, and check out our achievements and awards.


Why choose a Bachelor of Arts degree?


  • The BA degree encourages critical and independant thinking, and is challenging and thought provoking
  • The BA degree offers students a wide range of subjects
  • The flexibility of a BA allows you more personal choice in the construction of your degree
  • BA study can lead to postgraduate qualifications, such as PDM or MBA.
  • One can pursue a professional degree within a BA degree (For example, Law).
  • Courses within a BA degree are relevant in the workplace
  • The BA degree prepares students for a large range of jobs, and gives students many different skills


How much is my first year of study in the Faculty of Humanities going to cost me, and where do I go to apply for financial assistance?


  • Typical first-year tuition fees range between R 23 000 - R 30 000.00 within the BA or specialised BA degree programmes. Visit the Student Enrolment Centre for more information.
  • The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will give you any information that you need on the range of scholarships and bursaries available to Wits students. Tel: 717-1070/1076


What is the closing date for the Postgraduate Merit Award?


  • The closing date for the PG Merit Award is the 31 August.

Where do I get help with my Academic work at Wits?


  • The Wits Academic Development Programme
  • The Wits Writing Centre.Tel: 011 717-4125
  • Faculty Teaching & Learning Advisors Tel: 011 717-4091


Who can help me to choose the best curriculum for my needs?


  • The Wits Counselling and Careers Development Unit:
    The CCDU offers a careers information service, internship opportunities, information about courses at Wits, career planning interviews and a comprehensive careers resource centre. Registered students are also offered graduate job placement service, job search skills and other life skills programmes for which there is a demand.
    Telephone: 717-9140/9132. Enquiries 27 11 717 9130


Who can I speak to if I have personal problems that are not related to my degree?


Registration Enquiries

When does registration take place for returning students? 
Registration takes place during January of each year.  Please check your iWits email account in November/December for the Registration letter specifying which dates has been allocated to you for the following year. 

Can someone else register on my behalf?
Registration is a contract between the student and the University and the student must sign the Registration form in front of a Faculty staff member. Therefore no one else is allowed to register on behalf of a student. 

Can I register a course in another Faculty for non-degree purposes?

Yes. You can submit an application to do so by filling in a Special Concession form for approval by the Faculty. 

If I want to change Faculties, what do I have to do?
You need to submit a new application online or via the Student Enrolment Centre. The application form must be submitted before the 30 September* of the year preceeding intended study. *Subject to change dependant on individual department requirements and Local vs International applications as well as Online vs Paper applications.


Examination Results 

All results are loaded to the Student Self-Service Portal for your accessing. 

 Your exam results are emailed to your iWits Student email address at the end of each year.  Use your student number as the user name, and your ID number or passport number as the password. Alternatively, you can call this number 083 123 3333 for your results. 


Results, Clearance Certificates and Documentation 

I have a letter saying results withheld. What does that mean?
This means that there is a hold on your account (either fees outstanding or an outstanding disciplinary issue against your name). You need to either pay your fees or visit the Legal  Office on the 5th Floor, Senate House, to clear the hold. They will issue you with a clearance certificate, which you then take to the Faculty Office. The staff will then order your results,  which will be available for collection after 2 days of you issuing the certificate to the Faculty.

I have a 'W' on my clearance certificate. What does it mean? 
This means that you are a student on financial aid and that the Fees Office has given the go ahead to have your results released. 

Additional FAQ statements:

  • You must submit a copy of your national ID if South African or copy of your passport if international to the Faculty Office as it is a national requirement.
  • Wits will only send electronic communication to your Wits email account or self-service portal in adherence to the university policy.
  • Midyear and end of year results will be published to the self-service portal.  If you have outstanding fees you will not be able to view your results.
  • Course amendments and deregistration from a degree will incur cancellation charges, description of the cancellation charges are reflected in the fees booklet.
  • Wits’ academic year ends in December, this means that students must re-register each January, regardless of the intake period.
  • Submission of Masters and PhD research takes place on 15 February each year, students only enroll as awaiting examiners on the day of submission.
  • Masters and PHD proposals must be submitted to the Faculty for final approval within six months of registration for full time students, and within twelve months of registration for part time students.  All submission dates are indicated in the Postgraduate Application to Graduation guide.
  • Students who do not attend classes regularly may be in violation of the minimum course requirements set out by a department, this means that students may be issued with satisfactory performance warnings or a refusal letter which prevents students from writing an examination for a particular course.
  • All information pertaining to examination and graduation is available on the Examinations and Graduation Office’s website.


Who do I contact to find out more about the Faculty of Humanities

Please look at our contact details section.