Academic Programmes

Degrees Offered:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
The BA is a high-quality, three year, programme in the social sciences and humanities. With a broad range of exciting courses, tailored to different intellectual and career interests, the degree grounds students in the study of humankind s history, societies and arts. It is a prerequisite for further study in these areas.
Bachelor of Arts Film and TV

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television (BA Film and Television)
This new degree allows students to focus on filmmaking skills from the first year of study. The qualification equips you for a career in a vast number of areas within the film, and television industry, as a director, writer, academic, cinematographer and many more.

Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts (BA Dramatic Art)
This degree equips you for a career in a vast number of areas within the theatre, film, and television industry, as an actor, director, writer, academic, arts administrator, choreographer, designer, and many more.
Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Performing and Visual Arts (BA Performing and Visual Art)
This is a new four-year degree in The Wits School of Arts. It is a great option for students who want to work across established disciplines offered in The Wits School of Arts. The new professional BA is also suited for students who want to focus more strongly on academic studies than on practical courses.
Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (BA Fine Arts)
This degree equips students for a career as an artist and in any field requiring practical and intellectual expertise in visual culture e.g. digital multimedia, museums, gallery administration, curating, general arts administration, creative work in the theatre, electronic media, art education in primary, secondary and tertiary as well as special needs settings, art publishing, professional fine and commercial art, photography, computer graphics, art criticism and writing.

Bachelor of Music (BMus)
In this degree students gain a grounding in a portfolio of skills required to support an increasingly diverse profession: performance studies in voice or instrument, in classical, jazz, popular music and music theatre; music theory, aural skills, transcription and music technology; music history and criticism.
Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSocial Work)
BA Social Work degree is a professional social work degree that prepares students for practice in a variety of settings under government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Social work graduates work with individuals, groups and communities to enhance their social functioning and promote social development. Social work graduates also influence the development of social policies that can promote human well-being.
Speech Therapy

Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Therapy (BA Speech and Hearing Therapy)
The degree in Speech and Hearing Therapy is a professional degree where professional speech and hearing therapists are trained to assess and treat children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders. The communication disorders include disorders of speech (e.g. stuttering, voice problems), language disorders (e.g. delayed child language, or adult language problems due to brain injury) and hearing disorders.

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Undergraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

  • Humanities Graduate Centre
    The Humanities Graduate Centre hosts free, cutting edge, seminars on research design, methodology and writing for Wits postgraduate students. It also runs a mentorship programme, a home for research projects, and conferences and colloquia.

  • Wits Journalism
    Wits Journalism is a programme for aspirant and working journalists. The programme works closely with the industry and working professionals to ensure a rich and exciting centre of teaching, training, research and public engagement.

  • African Centre for Migration & Society
    The centre provides reasearch and training opportunites for postgraduate students and professionals who would like to extend their understanding on migration, humanitarianism, and social transformation.
  • Wits Centre for Diversity Studies
    Through interdisciplinary research, education, and projects, the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies is a hub for engaging issues of transformation and social justice. The Centre offers an MA in the Field of Diversity Studies as well as public short courses on “race”, diversity, social justice and transformation in organisations.

Wits Plus (part-time) for the Faculty of Humanities

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