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1. The Policy on Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Health Professionals was developed and is monitored by the National Department of Health.

2. The SANC regulates the practice and registration/or enrolment of nurses into the Council database as presented in the Provisions of the Nursing Act No 50 of 1978 and Regulations regarding the registers, and rolls for enrolled Nurses and Midwives; (R3588 and R3589) which states that:

Every person who wishes to be registered or to be enrolled in terms of this Act as a registered nurse, midwife, enrolled nurse or nursing assistant, as the case may be, shall apply to the Council entitles him to registration or enrolment, as the case may be, together with such proof of identity and of the authenticity and validity of the qualification submitted as may be required by the Council.

3. The South African Nursing Council will initiate the process of registration or enrolment as a Nurse once the following requirements are submitted to the office of Council.

PLEASE NOTE: certified copies of original document are accepted. Fax or scanned documents are not accepted. These documents should be mailed, courier or delivered to South African Nursing Council at the address on letter head.

3.1 A letter of intent/application letter;

3.2 Curriculum Vitae;

3.3 A certified copy of the passport or South African identity document or specific permit from Department Home Affairs

3.4 General educational certificate from country of origin

3.5 Professional Nursing qualifications certificates.

3.6 Valid license to practice as a nurse from the Nurse's Regulatory Body where the applicant's nursing qualification is registered.

3.7 A letter of support from the National Department of Health Foreign Workforce programme signed by the applicant. Contact Details :

Postal Address:
Programme Director
National Department of Health
Foreign Work Force Management Programme
Private Bag X828

Physical Address:
Room 1123
Fed life Building
Corner Church and Prinsloo Streets
Telephone: 012 312 0772/0725/0467/0498
Fax: 012 312 0535

3.8 Certificate of evaluation of applicant's nursing qualifications from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA): Contact Details :

Postal Address:
Centre of Evaluation of Educational
Post net Suit 248
Private Bag X06

Physical Address:
SAQA House
1067 Arcadia Street
Forum West
Hatfield, PRETORIA
Telephone: 012 431 5000
Fax: 012 431 5039/5145

3.9 A certificate of English Language proficiency for applicants whose training was not conducted in English. Accepted English language proficiency tests certificates are:

3.9.1 International English Language Test System (IELTS); Contact Details :

Postal Address:
British Council
P O Box 30637
Tel: 011 718 4300
Toll Free: 0860 01 22 33
Fax: 011 718 4400/4402

Physical Address:
Ground Floor
Forum 1
33 Hoofd Street

3.9.2 Test on English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Contact Details :


ATTN: PTC Registrations
Noorderwagenplein 6
8223 Al Lelystad
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 320 239-593
Fax: 31 320 239-886

Johannesburg Test Center

Thomson Prometric
55 Empire Road
(Center no. 8201)
Tel: 27 (0)11 713-0653
Fax: 27 (0)11 482-3715

Cape Town Test Center

Thomson Prometric
Dialogue Hse, 8th Fl
32 Rua Vasco de Gama; Foreshore
Tel: 27 (0)21 425-3600

3.10 Proof of payment of non refundable application fee of R375, 00.

Payments details as follows:

Name of Bank: First National Bank
Account name: SANC
Account Number: 51425166282
Branch code: 251445
Reference: 14549091

Or cash payment : At the SANC offices

Or Cheque/postal or money order: To SANC

4. In response to the submitted application on point 3, the office of Council will:

4.1 Open file to issue applicant with a SANC reference number

4.2 Write letter to the applicant to acknowledge receipt of documents and enclose three forms as follows:

  • application form for registration/enrolment of foreign qualification to be completed by the applicant
  • transcript of training form to be submitted by the applicant to the Nursing Education Institution were the applicant acquired her basic nursing qualification for completion;
  • Verification of qualification and statement of good conduct form to be submitted by the applicant to the Nursing Council/Board/Ministry of Health or Nurse's Regulatory Body where the applicant's nursing qualification is registered /enrolled for completion.
NOTE: The original verification and statement of good conduct form and transcript form must be fully completed in English, stamped and signed by the duly designated authorities. The completed forms must be returned by the relevant Authorities directly to SANC in sealed envelopes which are stamped and signed by the duly designated person.

5. Evaluation of the submitted documents will be done by a panel of evaluators at the South African Nursing Council, who will identify the SANC qualification equivalent to the applicant's training acquired in a foreign country. This is supported primarily by the South African Nursing Council regulations and directives and secondary by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

6. The outcome of the evaluation is communicated to the applicant in writing. The following is to be submitted to the applicant whose documents successfully met the SANC requirements in order to prepare for entry into the relevant examination:

6.1 Application form for admission to the examination;

6.2 Brochure for learning material;

6.3 Information on approved Council examination centers and examination schedule;

6.4 An examination application fee of R125.40.

Note: The application form and proof of payment of examination fee should be received back at SANC before the closing date indicated in the examination schedule.

7. If a candidate is successful with the examination, the following have to be submitted so that a qualification registration/enrolment certificate can be issued:

7.1 An application form for registration/enrolment of the qualification;

7.2 Proof of payment of R250.00 registration/enrolment of qualification fee per qualification that need to be registered.

7.3 A current verification of qualification and statement of good conduct form to be resubmitted by the applicant if the submitted form has reached an expiry date; certified copy of valid license to practice is accepted at this stage.

7.4 A letter of support for employment from the National Department of Health foreign work force programme. (contact as in 3.7) Note: This is the second letter that indicated the institution where you will be employed.

8. The applicant will be registered/ enrolled as a Nurse for a period of 3 years after which the registration will be deleted. Applicant has to maintain their names on the register annually by paying subscription fees. This is a license to practice which expires the end of every year 31 December, but is renewable before 30 March of the next year.

9. No extension of registration/enrolment will be granted automatically; an application will be forwarded to the Council for recommendation with an endorsement letter from the National Department of Health foreign work force management programme that support extension of registration by the Council.

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