Office of Student Support

The Faculty of Health Sciences Office of Student Support is situated on the first floor of the Philip V Tobias building, York Road, Parktown


For all academic matters please refer to the Office of Student Support. Appointments to see Mrs R Kuschke, Student Advisor, can be made with the Secretary (Room No. 118; Tel: 717-2565/2703). The following is a list detailing the services provided by the Office of Student Support, and to which all students are entitled.

1.    Mentoring Scheme
A comprehensive Mentoring Scheme is available to assist in the familiarization of students with the location of various sites within the campus and to provide any non-academic support etc.

2.    Tutor Scheme
Tutors are available (free of charge) for students who are experiencing difficulties with any of their subjects. The person to see regarding this matter is:

  • Mrs K Naidoo
  • Faculty Liaison Officer/Administrative Officer
  • Room number 109
  • Telephone 011-717-2008

3.    Learning Excellence Programme
The Learning Excellence Programme offers study and exam skills and techniques, with a background in learning best practices, including time management and planning.
Tutorials can be delivered in customized format to schools and departments in accordance to specific students’ needs.
Tutorials are also offered in the form of individual and voluntary student consultations.

For more information or appointments please contact Mrs Nonhlanhla Mkhize on 011 717 2565 or

4.    Referral to the Counseling and Careers Development Unit
The following facilities are provided by the CCDU:
a.    Careers Services
b.    Employment Services
c.    Counselling Services
d.    Crisis Counselling
e.    Sexual Harassment Advice

Should you require any of the above services please see Mrs RH Kuschke (Room Number 114) for a referral to the CCDU.

5.    Referrals to the Campus Health Satellite Clinic on Education Campus
Students who are ill should come to our office for referrals to the Satellite clinic so that an appointment can be made for them by Mrs N Mkhize, Room 118.

6.    Financial Aid, Bursaries & Scholarships
Mrs RH Kuschke will be able to supply you with information as to the correct procedure to follow and whom to contact when this type of assistance is required.

7.    Examination Deferments
Students who have a legitimate excuse for not having written an exam can arrange to see Mrs Kuschke for details of the procedure to follow when applying to write a deferred exam. Forms are available from the Faculty Office. In the case of illness the student must be assessed, whilst still ill, by the Campus Health & Wellness Centre (East Campus) and a written report obtained.  Notes from private practitioners are only acceptable if accompanied by validation & a certified report from the Campus Health & Wellness Centre. In the case of hospitalization the necessary proof must be supplied.

8.    Student Accommodation
Mrs RH Kuschke & Mrs K Naidoo will be able to supply you with the necessary information and whom to contact regarding the above

9.    Faculty Liaison Officer
The Faculty Liaison Officer is able to provide all relevant information and assistance to students who are new on campus. Her role is to provide orientation for new students (both Postgraduate & Undergraduate) and familiarize such students with the Medical School Campus.

Faculty Liaison Officer:    
Mrs K Naidoo
Room Number 109
011 7172008