Master of Science in Emergency Medicine (MSc)

The overall aim of the MSc in Emergency Medicine is to offer post-graduate academic in-depth investigation, exploration and research into the wide field of out-of-hospital and in-hospital Emergency Medicine.  Critical analysis, comprehensive review and competitive debate undertaken by the various pre-hospital, nursing, medical and allied professionals make this course exciting, exhilarating, enlightening and of course entertaining. It is envisaged that the successful candidates will emerge more competent, confident, compassionate, caring and considerate towards the acutely ill and injured patient that presents themselves wherever that may arise.

The degree is taken by course work and a research report and is offered over a minimum period of 2 years academic study. Note that 5 years is the maximum time allowed to complete both the exams and the research report.

This degree does not fulfil any of the requirements of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for Emergency Medicine specialist registration.

Minimum requirements for application:-

Any of the following may be admitted as a candidate:-

a) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh or equivalent)
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Science with Honours
Or any other bachelors degree as per regulation M162 or

b) A graduate who has been awarded any other bachelors degrees, the normal curriculum of which extends over not less than four years full time study, of the University, who, in the opinion of the Senate, is sufficiently qualified to undertake the field of study proposed or research (or both), required for the degree, or

c) Any other person who has satisfied the Senate, by means of a written or oral test (or both), or by any other mode of assessment to be determined from time to time by the Senate, that s/he is sufficiently qualified to undertake the line of study proposed or research (or both),  required for the award.

Although the above are the official entry requirements of the University, allowances and exceptions for entry to the MScMed (Emergency Medicine) may be granted to candidates based on their Emergency Medicine experience, contribution to the field, maturity and on recommendation of leaders in the field nationally and internationally. The Division of Emergency Medicine of the Faculty of Health Sciences recognises its national responsibility in the development of Emergency Medicine in South Africa and hence the great need to develop leaders, mentors and researchers, whilst maintaining a level of Emergency Medicine education of the highest standards.