BSc Property Studies

Vital Statistics of the degree
This four year, full-time Degree programme will prepare you to actively participate in the property sector. By studying for an Undergraduate Degree in Property Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, you will not only be exposed to the most up to date thinking in the field of property investment and development, but you will also acquire the skills required by property practitioners. Many of your lecturers are leading South African property practitioners. Moreover, by being situated in the heartland of the South African economy, opportunities abound to undertake research and examine the sector in motion

What can a Property Studies graduate from Wits do?

You will, upon completion of the course, be able to think independently, creatively and analytically in the property field.

A Degree in Property Studies opens career opportunities in finance and investment, property asset management, letting and leasing of property, property development, valuations, as well as opportunities at all levels in the public and private sector.

What subjects will you be expected to complete?
First year of study
APPM1014Applied Mathematics (BQ)
BUQS1000Construction Planning and Design 1
BUQS1002Theory and Practice of Quantity Surveying 1
MATH1012Mathematics (BQT)
ARPL1010Planning for Property Developers (half-course)
Second year of study
ACCN1000Business Accounting
BUQS2000Construction Planning and Design II
BUQS2001Theory and Practice of Quantity Surveying II
BUQS2002Building Science I
CIVN1003Civil Engineering in Relation to Planning
ECON1000Economics 1
LAWS1000Commercial Law
Third year of study
BUQS3000Industrial Organisation and Management
BUQS3004Construction Technology (half course)
BUQS3005Theory and Practice of Quantity Surveying III
BUQS3007Research Report (half course)
BUQS3008Property Valuation
BUQS3009Property Economics
LAWS2000Commercial Law
Fourth year of study
BUQS4004Commercial Procedures including Relevant Legislation
BUQS4005Introduction to Construction Project Management
BUQS4006Estimating and Analysis of Prices (half course)
BUQS4007Property Finance and Investment
BUQS4009Cost Evaluation and Control
BUQS4010Property Marketing and Management