Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management

The Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, a place where future leaders are able to study in the business, management and legal fields, and are equipped with competencies and quality skills to address emerging international business and social challenges. The Faculty offers study programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

 A wide range of qualifications are offered by the School of Accountancy, the School of Economic and Business Sciences, the School of Law, the Graduate School of Business Administration (Wits Business School), the Wits School of Governance and Wits Plus, Centre for Part-time Studies.

The Mandela Institute, the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, the Wits Law Clinic, the Centre for Public Enterprises, the Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Corporate Strategy and Industrial Development Programme (CSID), the African Micro-Economic Research Umbrella (AMERU) and the Institutions and Political Economy Group (IPEG) provide students with exposure to ongoing research and activities that expand their knowledge and learning beyond the confines of pure academia.

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