Yebo Gogga 2014


Yebo 2014

Wednesday 14 May to Sunday 18 May 2014

9 - 4 pm Weekdays
10 - 4 pm Weekend

Yebo Gogga Yebo amaBlomo is an annual exhibition where the public and school learners can see and learn about fascinating bugs, plants and animals. Every year the theme of the exhibition changes to reveal interesting information about the amazing creatures that inhabit this planet, especially those in South Africa. 

The theme for Yebo Gogga Yebo amaBlomo 2014 is 'Rainbow World

We take a look at the importance of colour. It goes beyond the sinking feeling of a blue light growing in the rear view mirror or how much better you look in purple. Colour is about communication-from recognising your own kind and food or resources, to warnings and deception.

It is energy for the base of the food chain, it is sex in the garden, it can protect, repel or attract. It is rich in information and lights up our lives. What do other species see? Are we missing out?

Visitors to Yebo 2011 lokking at ticks Yebo 2011 exhibition from above 
Rain spider on Yebo 2011 visitors wrist School group visiting Yebo 2011

Click here for more 2011 photographs.

Programme of talks and activities

Saturday 17 May

To Be announced

Sunday 18 May

To be announced

Free entry

All are welcome


Your kids, your mom and dad, the neighbours, your teachers, gran and grandpa, your boy/girlfriend, your best friend, gym buddies, book club, scout troop. Sunday is mothersday. Give her a break from the soppy cards and fluffy goods. Chocolate and Yebo Gogga should be just right! 

WHEN: 14th to 18th May 2014

9am - 4pm weekdays 
10am - 4pm weekends

Oppenheimer Life Sciences Building 
East Campus, University of the Witwatersrand


For more information:
Reneé on (011) 717 6467

For group bookings:             
Cheryl 083 376 1734
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